Cured Case - Anxiety Neurosis

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A woman aged 45 years came with the chief complaint of breathlessness,which increased (became worst) while walking and talking. She was anxious about her condition and frequently wanted to take deep breath to be able to feel better.

She also suffered from dryness of mouth and difficulty in swallowing certain food items.

Due to differences with her spouse, she had a lot of restrictions at home and was not allowed to get on with her life the way she wanted. Her independence was curbed so that she was alone most of the times increasing her discomfort. She developed restlessness and inability to do her normal household chores.Her weakness disabled her to inhale to her full capacity so she felt comfortable by breathing through the mouth and not her nose. Feeling of pressure on her chest so that inhalation and exhalation became laboured causing great distress. She now also suffered from panic attacks while travelling in aeroplane adding to her woes. She had acute fear of crowds, traffic, closed spaces and needed quick ventilation. Palpitations and fear of death harassed her with trembling of hands and feet. She was advised anxiolytic and antidepressants for her condition.

Follow Up After Results
3 Months Feeling tired and weak. Small panic attacks. Getting annoyed easily. Anxiolytic medicines continued.
5 Months Racing heart better. Slight improvement in talking so that she can talk for longer duration without getting tired. Starting usual walks. Advised reduction in anxiolytic and antidepressants.
9 Months Not breathing through the mouth now. Able to take deeper breaths without fear. Advised anxiolytic medicines to be tapered off.
14 Months Healthwise much better. Feeling more confident.