Cured Case - Motion Sickness

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A young boy aged 8 years came with the complaint of nausea and vomiting while travelling. Journey in a car or bus was rather uncomfortable so he refused to go on any holiday with the family. He hated to travel by aeroplanes as the landing and take-off times of the plane caused great discomfort.

He could not sit on any amusement rides for fear of downward motion. His other fears were of darkness, being alone and loud noises of fire crackers. He was scared of new places and as a toddler would always cling to his mother for comfort.

He would cry easily if he could not see either the mother or father around him. He could not play by himself in a room alone if no one was there with him. The thought of his mother leaving him to school was unbearable. He was the only child in the playschool who had cried for 4 months till he finally settled down.

His appetite was poor and he could remain hungry for hours without food or water.

Follow Up After Results
6 Months Motion sickness has reduced. Two out three long distance trips were much comfortable. Had to be coaxed to take these journeys as he was still not confident. Is at least able to take meals in flight which he would avoid all the time. Would try to sleep as soon as the flight took off.
18 Months Much confidence improved. Can handle fears better. Motion sickness under control. But needs to carry special medicines while travelling to feel ok.