Cured Case - Tonsillitis

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A child aged 6 years had recurrent attacks of throat infection with swelling of the glands in the neck. Swallowing became extremely difficult resulting in hardly any inclination for eating. He felt worst from ice-cream, pepsi and juices.

His immunity had reduced to such an extent that he would fall sick very often. A slight change in season caused pain in the throat with burning and irritation. He had fever off and on with these episodes and had to resort to antibiotics to keep the infection under control.

He was hyperactive and restless and needed to be on the go all the time. There were many complaints of violent behaviour in school and the parents were invariably called almost every month. His rude and insensitive attitude towards other children made him repulsive to others and no one wanted to sit next to him. There were domestic issues of parents quarrelling no end and he was often reprimanded and beaten by his father. He rarely spoke to anyone but wanted to join other children playing in the compound by forcing himself on them by way of hitting and pushing them. His behaviour aggravated when he was unwell with throat infection and often had to be restrained by adults to avoid other children getting hurt.

He also developed ringworm infection on his elbows and back of the neck. There was much discomfort and restlessness particularly in sleep. He often tossed and turned all night and woke up screaming at night in fear.

Follow Up After Results
2 Months Throat infection reduced in frequency and severity. Had one attack of infection that lasted for many days but eventually cleared without the need for antibiotics.
6 Months Developed pain and swollen tonsils twice in 4 months but of less intensity. Mellowed in behaviour with other kids, become more quieter and has been able to make few friends with whom he has not behaved rudely.
10 Months Tonsils completely normal. An occasional attack of throat pain subsides within a couple of days with improved immunity. Other children willing to play with him and he is more cheerful as a child. His skin has completely improved and he continues to feel better.