Cured Case - Bed Wetting

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A child of 4 years was brought for his chief complaint of bed-wetting, lack of appetite and vomiting. He was fussy about food and seldom asked for anything to eat. He often complained of stomach ache and had weak digestion. He was restless and had teeth grinding in sleep.

He was obstinate, throwing tantrums if refused anything he wanted. His violence led him to hurt himself by hitting or lying on the floor and shrieking if he was opposed in any way. He had fear of spiders and refused to enter the bathroom if he saw one.His inquisitiveness made him open things whether it was toys or items at home and wanted to feel and touch everything out of curiosity in a new place. He had fears of cutting nails and also of being alone in his room.

Follow Up After Results
1 Month Bedwetting same, but improvement in appetite. Vomiting stopped.
3 Months Stomach ache off and on but no bed wetting.
6 Months Irritability increased, occasional bedwetting, temper tantrums reduced.
9 Months Itching all over the body at night. Weight increased and appetite improved.
1 Year Much better in all complaints. Bed wetting absent. Continues to be well.