Cured Case - Vertigo

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Mr K aged 55 years came with the chief complaint of vertigo since 6 months. It was associated with vomiting and discomfort which felt better on sleeping and taking Tab Vertin.During the attack, he felt a rush of blood and spinning of the head.

He felt as if the room was going round and round. He was unable to do anything and just wanted to lie down to get relief. It was a feeling as if the mind and body were not in control. He felt shaky, a kind of imbalance and needed assistance.

By nature he was a person who would take stress easily particularly in office and was short tempered if work was not on schedule. His sleep was affected due to constant thoughts crowding in his mind, causing additional fatigue during the day. He was restless with no inclination or enthusiasm for work.

Follow Up After Results
2 Months No attack of vertigo so far. Feeling light headed.
6 Months Vertigo better. Sleep same.
9 Months Felt one fleeting sense of vertigo while bending the head, but it passed off. Was better after sleeping.
14 Months Sleep better. Sometimes feeling a floating sensation for a fraction of a second, which happened a couple of times but no discomfort.
18 Months No complaints